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Common Misconceptions About Physical Therapy in Denver

October 31, 2018

Many people never consider the top option that can help eliminate pain and make them feel better. What is it? Physical therapy in Denver. Physical therapy has such a wide range of benefits, it’s hard to even begin where to start! Learn more about the benefits of physical therapy through this debunking of some of the most common misconceptions. 

Physical Therapy is Only for Injured People

While physical therapy is extremely beneficial for those recovering from surgery or an injury, that’s not the only reason a person may need to go to one. Physical therapists will help you avoid injuries at work, school, playing sports or anything in your daily life. Going to a physical therapist even just once a year, similar to your annual routine health exams, is a great way to continue good health practices. Physical therapists focus on movement. They will identify incorrect movements that can lead to injuries or pain down the road and help you correct. This will also make you stronger and perform at your best in any situation. 

Referrals Are Mandatory 

While in some states you may need a referral to see a physical therapist, it’s not all. For levels of patient access to physical therapist services in the States, Colorado is a “Direct Access” state. This means anyone can see a physical therapist whether they have a doctor’s referral or not. It is still important for you to speak with your insurance company, but overall, you will not need a referral from your doctor to see a physical therapist.  Some additional facts about “Direct Access” include: 
  • Allows patients more flexibility in their healthcare 
  • Direct access has helped to reduce costs in some situations
  • Patients can be happier with their progress
  • All 50 states have “Direct Access,” but each state is slightly different

Insurance Doesn’t Cover Therapy

Many assume that physical therapy is not something covered in their plan. False! A majority of plans do cover. In addition, it is also commonly covered through workers’ compensation, Medicare, and several other types of insurance. Contact your insurance company or review cost information on your plan to see how much it will cost to visit a local physical therapist. You will be surprised how many ways it will help you. 

Surgery is the Only Way to Fix an Issue

The common assumption with physical therapy is that it should be used after certain surgeries for recovery. However, in many cases, it is used prior to surgery and can possibly prevent it. Physical therapists will work with a patient on movement and strengthening. This will help reduce any inflammation, which tends to cause or worsen issues that lead to surgery. This also helps people reduce or eliminate the amount of anti-inflammatory medication they take, which can also help you feel better too. Surgery requires time to recover and risks are always there. By choosing therapy first, you could be avoiding a costly procedure. Types of issues physical therapy may help include: 
  • Back pain
  • Carpal tunnel 
  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Knee joint pain
  • Meniscus tears

There’s Nothing to Do Before Surgery

In some cases, surgery is absolutely mandatory. Did you know that physical therapy before surgery can help you prepare and speed up recovery time? What is known as “prehabilitation,” or “prehab” for short can prepare the body for surgery. Not only will it help strengthen you and prepare you for surgery but will help reduce pain and inflammation. Prehab participants have noticed success with the surgery, a reduction in time at the hospital, and an increase in recovery time. 

Physical Therapy is Painful

A physical therapist is dedicated to your recovery and growth. While certain movements may make you feel uncomfortable for a moment, therapy should not be painful. In fact, that is why you are working with a physical therapist to begin with. Also, the longer you see a therapist, the better you will feel. Any discomfort is temporary, and your therapist will walk you through everything slowly and thoroughly. They will also be able to teach you the differences between discomfort that leads to progress versus piercing pain that is a sign of something wrong. Learning and becoming familiar with pain will help you in many different applications, such as work safety, exercise and playing sports, and day to day tasks. 

Medication is Better for Treatment

Today, people are heavily dependent on medications to treat their ailments. While in some cases this is appropriate, in others it is not necessary. In fact, nearly 30 percent of those prescribed an opioid for an issue abuse it, which is more than two million people. Opioids are a type of pain reliever used to treat medium to high levels of pain. They help make your body ignore pain because they attach to a person’s nerve cells on the brain and other areas. As a result, not only does the person feel better, but opioids can also cause a person to feel great. This mixture makes it extremely easy to get addicted to—which people do. This makes it dangerous as they can slow down your breathing and heart rate, or even make you become unconscious. So, the next time you have an issue to be treated with medication, ask your local physical therapist if they have options instead. Natural remedies will help you feel better and heal without the need for addictive medications. 

Your first step to therapy is learning how to choose a specialized physical therapy provider. For an expert you can trust, visit your nearest Cherry Creek Wellness Center. We offer five convenient locations to help you increase your movement and strength, possibly even eliminating the need to operate for certain issues. Also, you can visit us for relaxing and pain eliminating massage therapy or for weight loss and strength training. Take advantage of our invigorating Pilates classes or Redcord suspension training. As a full-service wellness center, we offer a large array of services to help you feel great. Call us today at 303-333-3493 to set up your first appointment. 

Celebrating World Physical Therapy Day at Your Cherry Creek Wellness Center

October 3, 2018

On Saturday, September 8, physical therapists all over the globe celebrated World Physical Therapy Day. This annual event takes time to celebrate all those in the profession who dedicate their lives to helping those recover from injuries, gain a better range of motion, prevent injuries from occurring, become stronger, treat depression and anxiety, and much more. Learn more about this special day and basics of this career celebrated by your local Cherry Creek Wellness Center. 

What is World Physical Therapy Day? 

World Physical Therapy Day has been an annual celebration since 1996. It was originally started by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), an international association that represents over 450,000 physical therapists across the world. Knowing the hard work and dedication of physical therapists, the WCPT wanted to create a day that shined a spotlight on the industry. Thus, World Physical Therapy Day was born. Each year, they cover the highlights and encourage physical therapists to continue their education to enhance their knowledge to serve their patients. So why September 8? This was the day the WCPT was founded almost 60 years ago. 

Physical Therapy Stats and History

The origins of physical therapy date back to 460 BC, when Greek physician Hippocrates experimented with the idea to use exercises and movements to reduce or eliminate pain. However, the skill really took off in the 1800s. More than a century later, during the peak of the polio crisis and World War I, there was a great need for physical therapists to assist with rehabilitation. Those practicing at the time could only work in hospitals, mainly helping those with disease or those injured in the war. As time went on, they began to realize all the additional ways they could serve others in need. From treating diseases and chronic pain issues, to burns and sports medicine, physical therapists provide such a wide range of services that make a difference in the lives of their patients. 

Today, physical therapy is a growing profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ review of physical therapists, this field has grown faster than the national average nearing 30 percent. Plus, with many existing therapists nearing retirement, this will contribute to the demand for more to enter this line of work. To become a physical therapist, a person must have a degree and license to practice. Education levels can range all the way as advanced as a doctoral degree. 

Most Common Reasons for Therapy

While physical therapy can be used for such a wide variety of ailments, there are a few top ones. Some of the most common reasons for a person to see a physical therapist include: 
  • Sports injuries: A physical therapist will help an athlete recover using a specialized set of exercises. After recovery, they will help a person learn proper form to reduce the chances of the injury happening again. 
  • Back pain: Whether it’s chronic pain or post-surgery recovery, physical therapy is one of the top ways to alleviate back pain. Time is also dedicated to helping a person enhance their posture, a crucial element in spine health. 
  • Car accidents: Days or even weeks after a car crash, a person may begin to feel the impact of the accident. To maximize recovery, a person should ideally visit a physical therapist even if they aren’t experiencing pain. 
  • Arthritis: Movement and exercises from physical therapy can help the stiffness and pain caused by arthritis. It also benefits the joints without putting a strain on them. 
  • Fibromyalgia: Seeing a physical therapist can be extremely helpful for those suffering from fibromyalgia. It helps to keep a person active throughout pain and in some cases, reducing flare-ups. In addition, massage techniques can also help to reduce pain. 
  • Prevent surgery: For those nearing a point with a condition where surgery may be required, physical therapy can change things. Through the techniques to rehabilitate an injury, many are able to forgo surgery after working regularly with a therapist. 
  • Massage therapy: With an education and background in physical therapy, there are a variety of massage services offered. These massages can alleviate pain from diseases, conditions, or injuries. They can also help to reduce stress and help a person become healthier. 
  • TMJ disorder: Those suffering from TMJ disorder can benefit from the techniques used by a physical therapist. Treatments will help calm the muscles in the area and preventative education will help a person understand their triggers.  

Additional Ways Physical Therapists Help

Did you know a person does not need to be recovering from an injury or suffering from a disease to benefit from physical therapy? Physical therapists help in a variety of proactive measures. For instance, those working in an office. Over time, being sedentary and going through repetitive motions can cause injuries—especially when a person has poor posture and other bad habits. A physical therapist will help you understand best practices that may have otherwise led to neck or back issues down the road. 

For athletes, seeing a physical therapist regularly is important. They will help you learn proper form and teach you exercises to help you avoid sustaining a sports injury. For many athletes, they may be using improper motions that can lead to long-term injuries. These exercises will also help an athlete become stronger as well. 

In general, seeing a physical therapist is a great way to become stronger. Through various exercises and strength training, the tips and techniques you will learn will help you with all of your day to day tasks, exercises, and more. 

Even though World Physical Therapy Day is over, you can still celebrate the physical therapists in your life! With a mission to help people become more active, healthier, and reduce injuries, there is much to be celebrated. If you have not seen a physical therapist before, Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Denver would love you to join us at a location near you. We have a wide variety of services to take advantage of to become healthier and stronger. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

Front Office Administrator

September 1, 2018


We are seeking a part time dedicated, motivated, and enthusiastic individual to join our team at Cherry Creek Wellness Center as a front office administrator. This position will provide exceptional customer service for our patients and a broad range of administrative assistance to our Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Massage Therapists, and Wellness/Exercise Specialists.

Essential Job Function/Responsibility:

  • Create a welcoming environment for our patients
  • Greet patients, schedule, and assist with any forms they may have to fill out for their provider or billing liaison
  • Answer phones and return messages in a professional manner and document appropriately in electronic medical records
  • Verify insurance and communicate specific coverage with patient
  • Ensure confidentiality by following HIPPA rules/regulations
  • Collect, secure, and balance payments received from patients daily
  • File/scan supporting documentation for providers, billing liaison, or insurance companies
  • Willingness to learn and grow as part of a dynamic team
  • Assist with other duties in the clinic


  • College degree
  • At least 1 year of relevant experience in medical field
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Strong computer skills, utilizing electronic medical records
  • Demonstrate initiative, drive, and follow through working independently and as a team member in a busy environment
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexible and willing to take on additional responsibilities as necessary
  • Able to lift up to 40 pounds occasionally
Please fill out the form if you are interested in the position.