Med-Pay Coverage: Understanding Physical Therapy Benefits in Denver
By Jaime Davis Leleszi, MSPT, MTC, MT, CSCS

A new law went into effect Jan. 1, 2009, that requires automobile insurance companies to provide at least $5,000 of medical payment coverage for the insured driver and passengers injured in a motor vehicle accident. This includes costs associated with emergency services as well as rehabilitation costs.

The coverage is mandatory but there is a provision for consumers who do not want med-pay coverage to opt out in writing. Med-Pay coverage is designed to provide a means to help cover the immediate medical costs, up to the limit purchased by the consumer regardless of who was
responsible for the accident. Without med-pay, patients may have to use their health care insurance which often includes high deductible and co-payments. This can significantly limit patients’ access to care.

It is critical to seek immediate evaluation and treatment by a skilled practitioner, including physical therapists, to treat the initial symptoms and avoid painful and dysfunctional movement patterns that may develop over time. This new law helps patients to access early care without the high costs often associated with utilizing health care benefits or trying to find a health care provider that will accept the case on a lien basis.

At Cherry Creek Wellness Center, we understand the importance of immediate medical attention, including physical therapy, following a motor vehicle accident. If you are involved in an accident and would like to be evaluated or simply have questions regarding Med- Pay and coverage, please contact us at any of four convenient locations. You can also read more at