Our Denver Personal Training Philosophy                                                       

Start Your Personal Training at a Wellness Center in Denver

At CCWC we believe in providing our clients the best-quality physical therapy in Denver, as well as first-class Denver functional fitness programs. We seek to help you:

Lose weight
Improve your fitness level
Value a healthy lifestyle
Excel in sporting and recreational interests


personal training Denver, CO

Our Denver Functional Fitness Specialist employs a concept called functional, ground-based training. It offers a twist on traditional gym exercises. During your personal Denver fitness training program, we analyze your posture and teach you exercises that mimic movements you commonly perform in your leisure or sporting activities. We train your muscles and cardiovascular system exactly the way you want to use them. This approach promotes better, faster results and helps prevent injury.

Correct posture is the foundation to a healthy, strong, injury-free body. Faulty posture can lead to imbalances in muscle strength, which eventually result in pain and injury. We work with you to develop an exercise program that strengthens your body and meets your goals. You will learn the fundamentals of exercise, including how much weight to use for your body.

If you have become out of shape due to injury, illness, giving birth or a too-busy life, we'll design a safe and effective exercise program to make it easier for you to regain fitness. Get an efficient workout with maximum results in a fun environment for 50-55 minutes each session!

Our Denver Functional Fitness Specialist

  • Has over 12 years of experience in Pilates
  • Has 5 years of experience with Redcord equipment
  • Has 3 years of experience using FMS (functional movement screen)
  • Is trained in stretch therapy
  • Work closely with our physical therapists and can adapt any training program to avoid aggravating existing or previous injuries
  • Develop individual exercise programs designed with you and your goals in mind
  • Can develop pregnancy and postpartum exercise programs to help you stay healthy during and after pregnancy

Please call for specific pricing. We keep personal training prices low by offering semi-private training in addition to private training, each being 50-55 minutes long. 

Benefits of Functional Fitness Training Denver, CO

  • Give you a fitness program tailored just for you. Your specialist considers your lifestyle, your goals, any injuries and health concerns to devise a realistic program.
  • Increase your motivation. Setting an appointment and making the investment increases the odds that will stick with a fitness program. Workouts with a personal trainer also tend to be more enjoyable, adding to your desire to continue.
  • Teach you proper technique and form. A specialist will instruct you in performing techniques correctly and provide guidance when you need it. When you work out on your own, you are confident that you have proper form.
  • Produce results more quickly. A specialist helps you exercise more efficiently and effectively, using your time and energy more wisely. They make sure you are doing the right exercises to help you reach your and are practicing proper form. This will help you get the results you're looking for, quicker.

In addition, Functional Fitness Training can help you:

  • post-rehab
  • Manage medical conditions
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase your energy, endurance and flexibility
  • Reduce stress
  • Lose inches
  • Shape and tone your body
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness and heart efficiency
  • Improve your resting metabolism
  • Lower your risk of developing diabetes
  • Increase "good" cholesterol and decrease "bad" cholesterol
  • Encourage normal blood pressure
  • Increase your sports performance
  • Improve coordination
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Increase libido