Weight Loss Physical Therapy Programs in Denver

denver weight loss programs

Denver Weight Loss & Weight Management Programs

Our personal trainers have additional certifications as ACE Health Coaches. Permanent weight loss results from three components. To achieve successful, permanent weight loss all three components must be addressed:

  • Exercise
  • Healthy Eating
  • Lifestyle Change


We will show you how strength and circuit training are the most effective methods to promote weight loss.  We will develop a weight loss program specifically for you, train you how to do it and motivate you to keep you going.  With this type of training, you can actually eat more while losing weight.

Healthy Eating

Your health coach will teach you how to make healthy eating choices.  You’ll learn a permanent approach to eating that will allow you to maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.

Lifestyle Change

We will create an individualized weight loss plan to maximize your chances for success.  You will work closely with your trainer to determine strategies that will work for YOU.

Additional Components

We will perform measurements to help track your progress and motivate you to keep going. CCWC uses Microlife’s BodyGem to measure your resting metabolic rate. This reveals the calorie intake necessary to help you meet your weight-loss goals.

Together, We can Help You L.I.V.E. Again!

  • Lose weight
  • Improve your fitness level
  • Value a healthy lifestyle
  • Excel in your sporting/recreational interests