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Do You Suffer from Dizziness or Imbalance? What it Means and Using Denver Physical Therapy

May 3, 2017

Do you ever get dizzy spells or feel as though you are losing your balance? For many Americans, these issues are caused by dysfunction of the vestibular system. Fortunately, there are options to help cope. Learn what the vestibular system is, conditions and warning signs, and how Denver physical therapy can help.  

The Vestibular System and How Balance is Controlled

The vestibular system within your body is what allows you to maintain balance. It also helps you understand the range of space between you and your surroundings and helps with your everyday motions. To create balance, your vestibular system uses your eyes, inner ear, and sensors throughout your body called “sensory receptors.” From there, all three work together to seamlessly provide you with the balance to accomplish normal tasks. Your body works in a variety of ways to help you stay in tune with gravity. For an in-depth look on how the entire system works, read about the human balance system from the Vestibular Disorders Association.

Warning Signs and Conditions

Dizziness and vertigo are some key warning signs that you may have an issue with your vestibular system. This is the feeling where you may feel as though you are losing your balance or are light headed. Some individuals suffering from dizzy spells often fall or have stiff joints. Vertigo is the feeling that you are spinning when you aren’t. For some, there are additional signs and symptoms that may mean you have a vestibular disorder. These include unusual rapid eye movement patterns and issues with movement coordination. In extreme cases, it can lead to blurred vision, stiff neck, a weak feeling, and/or slurred speech. If you have any of these symptoms, it is best to talk to your physician to investigate the issue to help you get on a path to recovery.  

How Physical Therapy Can Help

One of the ways people help to improve their vestibular disorder is through physical therapy. During work with a physical therapist, they can walk you through certain exercises to help you regain your balance and reduce symptoms with any other correlating issues. These exercises help test the three sensory areas and encourage them to start working together in tune again. Exercises can range from ways to improve balance and reduce dizzy spells to eye exercises to help you with the sense of space and coordinated motions. For those suffering from vestibular disorders, you can work with your physician and physical therapist to create a plan to recovery. While everyone is different, consistent work can help to improve symptoms.

If you suffer from a vestibular disorder and are ready to do something about your dizziness or vertigo, Cherry Creek Wellness Center can help. Your physical therapist will learn what your issues are and create a strategy that best fits your personal situation. This can include eye-head coordination tests, balance tests and more. You will learn how to manage your symptoms on your own to be more balanced and stable. To get started, learn more about our vestibular rehabilitation services and fill out a contact form.