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4 Different Methods of Massage Therapy You Can Get at Your Wellness Center in Denver

July 5, 2017

When you are in pain, injured, stressed, tense or simply just need a good method to relax, many turn to massage to help them through. But did you know that massages have several other health benefits you might not be aware of? Getting a regular massage does not just feel good, but can make you physically feel better and loosen tension that you may have (in places you aren't aware of). When getting a massage, there are four different types to consider trying out at your local wellness center. Learn more about what neuromuscular, Swedish, deep tissue and prenatal massages could do for you:


Neuromuscular massage therapy specifically works on one’s soft tissue through a very precise process. This type of massage is beneficial for those who suffer from muscle pains and spasms. It is especially helpful for those who suffer from lower back pain. Through the use of trigger points, a massage therapist concentrates on massaging an area and can heal soft tissue problems or injuries. Over time as you continue this massage therapy, blood flow will be increased allowing you to feel like you are back to yourself and to your normal activities.


When you are in need of a great massage to relax and reduce stress, a Swedish massage is the one for you. A massage therapist will work all along your muscles both lengthwise and in circular motions to increase blood flow, reduce toxins and loosen up any tense areas that you have in your body. In addition, during a Swedish massage a massage therapist may use other motions such as kneading, applying pressure along points and stretch motions. The goal for many who receive this type of massage is to break up knots or other restricted areas.

Deep Tissue

If you suffer from deep muscle pains and other types of chronic pain where you are stiff and tense, a deep tissue massage is the perfect option for you. Similar to the Swedish massage, a massage therapist performing a deep tissue massage will begin with a light overview of the body or area to get blood flow going, followed by the application of deep pressure to all areas, such as the neck, upper and lower back, arms and more. Deep pressure will be applied to help break up any knots that are in any of those areas. It will help to get tissue fibers back in line which can help alleviate chronic pain.
While an amazing experience, pregnancy can bring on many new and at times uncomfortable aches and pains. For pregnant women who need ways to reduce stress and cope with cramps, stiffness, swelling or back pains, a prenatal massage can work wonders. Massage therapists working with a pregnant woman will use a variety of techniques in both straight and circular motions, placing them in a position that is comfortable and relaxing. For more information, read the Baby Center’s Prenatal Massage: Help for Your Pregnancy Aches and Pains.
To help you cope and alleviate your chronic aches and pains, as well as reduce stress, Cherry Creek Wellness Center can help. Our specialized massage therapy services in Denver is available in 30, 60 and 90 minute increments. Call us today at 303-333-3493 to schedule your appointment.