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Tips for Recovering After a Car Accident with Denver Physical Therapy

July 26, 2017

Unfortunately, car accidents can happen. Whether it was a true accident or due to the carelessness of another, if involved in a wreck, it is important to focus on your health. It is beneficial for you to work on moving forward and avoid dwelling on the past. While hard, it is a challenge you can accept! Learn more about coping with physical pain, different ways a car accident can affect you mentally, and how Denver physical therapy can help.

Coping with Physical Pain

Upon being a part of a car accident, depending on the severity of it, you may not experience pain right away. No matter how you feel, it is best to see a doctor after an accident. In the time leading up to your appointment, look out for warning signs of whiplash, concussions, and areas with pain.

For some injuries, such as whiplash, it can take two or three days for symptoms to appear. From here, you can work with your doctor and physical therapist on recovering. Other common injuries include concussions, torn muscles and ligaments, broken bones and spinal injuries.

Make sure you take time off of work to rest, recover, and relax. Follow your doctor and physical therapists notes for recovery.

How a Car Accident May Affect You Mentally

The effects of a car accident can stay with you mentally far after your physical pain has subsided. You may run the accident in your head over and over, trying to analyze what happened.

For others, it is hard to drive again due to post-accident fear. It is important to focus on your mental health during this time. Working with a counselor or therapist may help you talk through some of your fears and thoughts to help you recover from this feeling over being overwhelmed.

If afraid to drive take it slow and give yourself time to feel comfortable driving as you used to. Learn more about how the impact of car accidents can be long-lasting from WebMD.

How a Physical Therapist Can Help

Whether your doctor recommends physical therapy or not, it is extremely beneficial for people to take advantage of after an accident. Many need physical therapy though, especially in the case of neck injuries such as whiplash. When tearing muscles or other injuries, it may take you some time to regain your strength in those limbs. It is important to work with a physical therapist to recover properly. Plus, seeing a physical therapist after an accident can help speed up your recovery time. This will have you back to work and your everyday tasks more quickly.

Be sure to check out the benefits of receiving Denver physical therapy after a car accident. For a physical therapist that you can trust as you are on your journey to regain your strength, Cherry Creek Wellness Center has you covered. Our specialized physical therapy in Denver at the Cherry Creek Wellness Center will help address your individual issues and help you get back to your normal life more quickly. To see how we can help you, call us at 303-333-3493.

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