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CCWC Now Offers Cupping Therapy!

Cherry Creek Wellness Center now offers cupping therapy. Cupping is one of the oldest and most globally practiced medical treatments in human history, and uses negative pressure by creating suction to achieve a number of benefits. Cupping can release the rigidity in soft tissue, drain excess fluids and toxins from tissue, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue, and increase blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

Benefits of cupping include:
  • Expansion of blood vessels to increase circulation, removing congestion in joints and muscles.
  • Cleanses the blood by removing stagnant blood and poisons from the skin, increasing circulation.
  • Increased circulation of blood and lymph by cupping speeds up metabolic processes.
  • Cleanses the cardiovascular system, increasing red and white blood cell productivity to help fight off sickness.
  • Effective for conditions such as depression, headaches, anxiety, fatigue and chronic conditions like high blood pressure, rheumatism and neuralgia.
  • Increases range of movement through stretching and pulling of connective structures by opening up joint capsules and increasing fluid facilitation to muscles and joints.
  • Reorganization of fascia structures to support the healing process.
Do not undergo cupping treatment if you have a broken bone, dislocation, hernia, organ failure, are receiving cancer treatments or are in your first trimester of pregnancy.

To learn more about the many benefits of cupping therapy and schedule a session, call us today at 303-333-3493.