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Ways to Decompress and Massage Therapy from Your Denver Wellness Center

March 21, 2018

Do you feel that you have a lot of anxiety? Are there many stressors in your life and you feel overwhelmed? Are you looking to decompress? Self-care is important. When you are struggling, do not feel guilty about making yourself a top priority. You can say no and reset to slow things down and help ease your mind. Learn about these top ways to decompress and reduce stress and anxiety. You can also utilize massage therapy from your local Denver wellness center to complement these techniques.

Control Your Breathing

Did you know you can relax yourself just through breathing? Right now, stop what you are doing and take a deep breath. Breathe in until you can’t anymore, then slowly exhale.

How do you feel?

You’ll notice a release. When stressed and worked up, you might breathe faster. This can increase your heart rate and cause a variety of other unpleasant symptoms. Slow it all down with one of these common breathing techniques.  
  • Abdominal/Diaphragm Breathing: While laying down on a flat surface, or in a chair, place one hand on your chest, and the other on your stomach. Take a large breath in through your nose until your lungs feel full. Breathe out of your mouth with pursed lips, tightening your stomach muscles. Continue this for up to 10 minutes to feel a relaxing effect.
  • Equal Breathing: Also known as the Sama Vritti Pranayama technique, this is a great way to calm your nervous system. To start, sit in a cross-legged position with good posture. It can be on the floor or other surface. Close your eyes and pay attention to your normal breathing. After a minute or two, take breaths in for four seconds. Once your lungs are full, hold your breath, then count out four during your exhale.
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing: This type of breathing, also known as “Nadi Shodhana,” will send signals to both sides of your brain to relax, but in many cases, will also help to stimulate you in a positive way. When in a comfortable seated or laying position, hold your right thumb on your right nostril to block flow. Breath in deeply to expand your lungs, then exhale out of your left nostril, making sure you stop for a moment before your exhale. Then switch sides. Repeat this for five or 10 minutes.


Expanding from breathing exercises, meditation is a great way to bring yourself balance and peace. It is an ideal way to slow down your mind, which can often bounce around in thought. Ultimately, it is the practice of focusing your attention on one thing. It could be your breath, from one of the techniques mentioned above, a feeling in your body, or different words. It is a practice to help stop your mind from bouncing around several different thoughts that overwhelm you.

Not only will meditation help reduce your stress, but it can help you concentrate better when practiced regularly. It also helps increase your self-awareness if you feel like you are a tense or aggressive person. Meditation will also benefit your health too as it reduces your blood pressure and boosts immunity.

Quality Sleep

Getting too little sleep, or poor sleep, can have detrimental effects on your body. You may not be as present as you normally are, leading to forgetfulness, poor concentration, and memory issues. Plus, if you don’t get the reset you need, it can lead to heart issues, strokes, and diabetes. It also causes stress, which doesn’t help if you already have stress in your life. It is also bad for your skin, leading to wrinkles and dark circles.

Your body needs sleep to survive. It is recommended you get seven to nine hours each night. You should be aware of the effects of sleep deprivation on your body if you don’t get this amount.

If you feel like you are go-go-go and sleep isn’t a priority, it is important to make it one. Stop ingesting anything that can keep you up a few hours before bed, and turn your phone on a “sleep mode” if possible to change the lighting. Often on devices, their standard lighting will keep you stimulated. Do a variety of relaxing activities such as reading a book, listening to music, or taking a warm bath to wind down. You can also try melatonin, a supplement that helps to regulate your sleep cycles. You can also buy a device to help you see the quality of your sleep as you make changes.


Using various poses and exercises, breathing techniques, and even meditation, yoga is one of the top ways people reduce stress. By focusing on yourself and your body, you will find peace that you didn’t realize you had. The poses are in a variety of positions where you will stretch and focus on those areas. You can visit a local studio near you for beginners to get started. Your yogi will help you every step of the way and there’s nothing to fear. Try practicing a few times per week to reduce stress.

Massage Therapy

Another great way to relieve stress and anxiety is through massage therapy. When working with a massage therapist, your muscles will become relaxed—producing chemicals and hormones in your body that signal to your brain to calm down. It is great to loosen up tight and sore muscles. There are a variety of specialized massage therapy services in Denver you can take advantage of to accomplish your goals.

To help you manage your stress and anxiety, Cherry Creek Wellness Center’s team of experts will help. Our variety of massages will help you reduce symptoms and accomplish your goals. We have appointments and almost all times of the day to fit your busy schedule. When you come to see us regularly, you will sleep better, reduce headaches and spasms, alleviate aches and pains, and much more. You will love the health benefits and the way you feel when coming regularly. Call us today at 303-333-3493 to set up your appointment.