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5 Benefits of Prenatal Massage

November 28, 2018

Reduce Swelling

Special massage techniques can be used to help stimulate your soft tissue to reduce fluid retention (edema).The American Pregnancy Association published a report about edema, stating that they are often caused by the weight in the uterus reducing circulation and increasing pressure on major blood vessels.This swelling usually occurs in your hands and feet and can become increasingly uncomfortable, by taking the time for yourself and getting a prenatal massage you are also helping regulate the hormones in your body and keeping your baby safe.

Balance Hormone Levels

Massage during pregnancy significantly improved regulation of norepinephrine, cortisol and serotonin. By relaxing each of these hormones expecting parents can expect their mood to balance out and reduce the risk of low birth weight or complications with delivery. It can also help with other issues including insomnia.

Help with Insomnia

When your hormones are off balance it can be difficult to get a good night sleep. Prenatal massages, offered by Cherry Creek Wellness, can help you get back to counting sheep peacefully. By relaxing your body and your mind, your hormones continue to flow through your system at a more natural rate.

Ease Back Pain & Leg Cramps

Just because your back pain may be new and be caused only by your pregnancy you should not ignore it. Take some time for yourself before your little one arrives and find the relief you have been seeking for your back pain. The change in your center of gravity can take a large toll on your neck as well, so take plenty of time to stretch and roll out your neck as you experience any tightness. Talk to your physical therapist about what exercises you can do while pregnant to help reduce and prevent back pain from happening again.


Have you ever wondered why so many pregnant women choose to do prenatal yoga? That’s because deep stretches can help loosen tight muscles in the low back that contract and cause pain during pregnancy. Working on your flexibility in a specialized physical therapy program can also help you relieve stress, another common cause of back pain. A specialized physical therapy program can help you increase your flexibility and work up to deep, meaningful stretches that will reduce the pain you’re experiencing. During a specialized physical therapy program, pregnant women will focus on flexibility of the hip flexors, lower back, shoulders, neck and upper back, meaning you’ll be able to treat pain from head to toe, not just in your back. 

After Birth Care

Your physical therapist can even help with issues post-pregnancy - including trouble breastfeeding. If you are experiencing difficulty breastfeeding with your infant you may be experiencing clogged ducts. Clogged ducts can cause later issues with inflammation, which makes the milk taste more salty. Ask your physical therapist if they help with regulating your milk production.