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Hand Therapy Blog - Joint Arthritis

Did you know?

"One in four women and one in 12 men over age 70 have osteoarthritis of the thumb CMC joint." (Source: Splinting in the treatment of arthritis of the first carpometacarpal joint.  J Hand Surg Am.))

CMC joint arthritis is characterized by pain at the base of the thumb or on the palm side of the thumb, stiffness or instability.

Splinting is the "mainstay of conservative care" when treating CMC joint arthritis and can: 

    1. decrease pain 
    2. delay progression of deformity and 
    3. improve function 

(Source: Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity)

 A study done by Berggen et al showed that 70% of patients that combined splinting with actvity modification and non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication at 7 months no longer required surgical internvention for CMC joint arthritis.

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