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Suffering from Headaches? Use TPDN

Do you have headaches? Do you have migraines? Is your neck sore at the end of the work day?  Headaches are often caused by multiple factors, phsyical therapy is a great way to relieve headaches.  Options for treatment include manual therapy, trigger point dry needling, massage, posture education, pilates and exercise. I work at the front desk in Stapleton and I have suffered from headaches/migraines for a long time.  I never understood what caused them and I tried everything to relieve my pain.  One day I was getting a migraine at work and one of our therapists asked to treat it, I had never been treated here for my headaches but saw how much relief our patients got.  The therapist performed trigger point dry needling on my neck and I felt immediate relief.  My headache went away and I felt great!  If you suffer from headaches or migraines then phsyical therapy is for you!