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Denver Wellness and Physical Therapy Spotlight: Kinesiotaping

What is kinesiotaping?

You may have noticed during the 2012 Olympics that many athletes were wearing brightly colored tape in what appeared to be random patterns all over their bodies. Since the summer Olympics last year, kinesiotaping has risen in popularity as a form of muscle stabilization. Our Denver physical therapists have recently been practicing kinesiotaping during physical therapy sessions! Kinesiotaping is the application of a certain type of tape to various parts of the body in specific patterns to stabilize muscle groups. Kinesiotaping during your physical therapy in Denver session can help improve range of motion and stabilization and increase circulation. Kinesiotaping has been shown to manage muscle pain and even decrease swelling!

How does it work?

Your physical therapist will usually apply kinesiotape to the affected area at the end of your physical therapy session at one of our Denver wellness centers. The tape can be left on for a few days and then taken off at home. You are still able to shower and go about regular daily activities while wearing the tape. You can even purchase a roll of kinesiotape at Cherry Creek Wellness Center locations and have your physical therapist instruct you on how to tape at home!

For more information, ask your physical therapist about kinesiotaping at your next appointment! Not on the schedule? Call us at 303-333-3493 today to come in for a physical therapy session in Denver.