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Physical Therapy in Denver & Pregnancy

Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Stapleton, Colorado has been focusing on the use of physical therapy and pelvic floor physical therapy as a form of prenatal care. Our Denver physical therapists work with pregnant women to help with the soreness and tightness of muscle groups that can occur from pregnancy. Exercises are taught during physical therapy in Denver sessions that help stretch and relieve sore muscle groups, back pain and more. Additionally, our physical therapists in Denver focus on pelvic floor physical therapy to help relieve symptoms of pregnancy, c-section recovery and postpartum recovery including incontinence, pain with intercourse and pelvic pain.

Our Stapleton wellness center also has women’s health specialists on board for prenatal massage sessions and to assist with residual pain post-baby. The combination of massage and physical therapy in Denver as treatment for the side effects of pregnancy helps many women at our wellness centers feel less sore and generally more relaxed after sessions. If you are interested in learning more about how physical therapy in Denver, pelvic floor physical therapy and prenatal massage can curb your pregnancy side effects, talk with one of our specialists today.