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Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Physical therapy in Denver is one of the best ways to treat chronic or acute radicular and non-radicular back pain. Research suggests that individuals who experience acute back pain, defined as pain for 16 days or less, could possibly see the most benefit from physical therapy treatments. Relief comes for 92% of those with no initial below knee pain within just one week of Physical Therapy that includes spinal manipulation and exercise.

As with many injuries and ailments, early treatment is enormously beneficial. A 2012 study found that total medical costs were nearly $3,000.00 lower for those patients who received early Physical Therapy.  Cherry Creek Wellness Center has a solid record of success with low back pain outcomes. Over the course of the past two years we have tracked patient data that shows fully 86% of patients with either chronic or acute low back pain achieved success within 6 visits with their Physical Therapist. Contact the Physical Therapists at Cherry Creek Wellness Center today to learn more about the benefits of physical therapy for back pain and to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners.