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Prevent Injury During Winter Activities!

The physical therapists at Cherry Creek Wellness Center would like to remind you of some helpful tips to keep in mind while out shoveling your sidewalk or getting around in the snowy weather.
•    When you are shoveling snow, be sure to switch sides on a regular basis, so you are not creating strain and imbalance on one side of your body.
  • Use your legs, not your back to exert force and energy required while shoveling.
  • Wear supportive and non-slip winter shoes for traction on the ice to help prevent falls or injuries.
  • Take as many breaks as necessary to prevent injuries and muscle strains.
If you do experience an injury during snow shoveling or other winter-related activities, our Denver physical therapists are available by appointment for physical therapy sessions. Each session will apply stretching and strengthening exercises to the affected area. Additionally, your physical therapist will teach you techniques to utilize certain muscle groups to prevent future strain or injury. To schedule an appointment for physical therapy in Denver, call Cherry Creek Wellness Center today!