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Prepare for Race Season with Physical Therapy in Denver!

With the Cherry Creek Sneak coming up this weekend, Cherry Creek Wellness Center would like to remind you that physical therapy in Denver can help prepare you for the upcoming race and also the marathon season. Physical therapy is beneficial to strengthen weakened muscle groups under utilized during running-based exercise, which can lead to injuries.  Physical Therapy can assist in injury prevention and contribute to better performance. 

Joint pain in your knees and hips commonly caused by running long distances or multiple races can be addressed during a physical therapy session. Your physical therapist can conduct and teach you certain exercises to that support proper form which can eliminate further pain.  They also specialize in manual techniques that provide relief to current aches and pains while teaching proper stretching techniques which provide mobility and relieve muscle and joint stiffness.  

Having your joints and muscles in top shape is an integral part in performing your best during a race or a marathon. Schedule a physical therapy in Denver session today to learn how Cherry Creek Wellness Center can get you in shape for race season. Call: 303-333-3493