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Summer Footwear Tips

There are many perks to warm summer weather, including wearing sandals, flip flops, and open-toe heels. You may think that giving your feet some air by wearing summery shoes is good for them; however, such shoes could have adverse effects. Here are some summer footwear tips to keep in mind if you are prone to foot, knee, or joint pain or commonly experience stiffness or aching in your feet and arches:
  • When wearing sandals, choose ones that have supportive arches.
  • If you will be walking for long periods of time or doing any sort of physical activity, opt for tennis shoes over sandals. Even your most comfortable sandals do not provide as much support as sneakers!
  • Stretch your calves against a wall or on a stair with a straight and bent knee.
  • To ease arch pain, freeze a water bottle and roll the bottom of your foot with it.
If you are experiencing foot, knee or joint pain that lasts longer than a week, call Cherry Creek Wellness Center to set up an appointment with one of our physical therapists. Physical therapy can help strengthen the foot muscles and improve mobility and balance to prevent future soreness and injury when sporting your favorite summer shoes.