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Men's and Women's Health

Cherry Creek Wellness Center offers pelvic floor physical therapy for men’s and women’s health to help treat and provide services for many different conditions.

Women’s Health:
Our women’s health and pelvic floor physical therapists can assess and treat many symptoms that arise from pre/postpartum conditions such as pelvic pain, prenatal low back pain, painful sexual intercourse, joint swelling, incontinence issues, sciatica and more. Pelvic floor physical therapy is also beneficial for post-surgery recovery to help with symptoms of pain, sexual dysfunction and incontinence when undergoing procedures for endometriosis, hysterectomies, abdominal and sling operations.

Men’s Health:
Pelvic floor physical therapy for men can assist in lessening symptoms in conditions like BPH, erectile dysfunction, painful sexual intercourse and more. Pelvic floor physical therapy is also beneficial pre and postsurgical operations to help prepare and rehabilitate for prostate-related conditions.

Learn if pelvic floor physical therapy is right for you by calling one of our men’s or women’s health specialists at one of the following Cherry Creek Wellness Center Locations: