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Treating and Identifying a Torn Meniscus

Many times, injuries tend to happen in conjunction with each other – a torn meniscus is one that typically occurs with other issues as well, but it is important to recognize the symptoms and ensure the proper care method is enacted. These types of injuries can happen in the prime of your youth or a result of a degenerating body. Simple movement can sometimes cause a meniscus tear, so in advanced age it is important to take that into consideration and pay attention to even normal movement.

Typically, a torn meniscus in the knee is characterized by swelling, pain, and sometimes making a clicking or popping sound with knee movement. It is important to care for the injury immediately – make sure to contact your Denver physical therapist right away to begin treatment. Using methods of cold and heat to treat a torn meniscus is also something you can do at home, but only upon instruction by your Denver wellness center.

If you have a possible meniscus tear, contact our Lone Tree clinic and receive the top physical therapy in Denver.