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Treating Common Skiing and Snowboarding Related Injuries

As we are part of the way through the ski season - do you have any nagging pain at the end of the day? Do you have pain that is limiting what you can do on the slopes? Did you perhaps fall and hit your head in a way that you now have dizziness or headaches?
PT can help with back, hip, knee and ankle pain. Your Denver physical therapist can treat concussion symptoms and headaches/neck pain. Treatment can include manual therapy for improving soft tissue and joint mobility for decreased pain, normalized mobility and mechanics. Physical therapy in Denver can help with a normal range of motion, strengthening, and improving posture as well.
Physical therapy in Denver can treat vestibular issues including concussion symptoms, dizziness and headaches associated with a fall. If you have experienced any of these signs or symptoms after a recent ski trip, contact your PT professionals in Denver and make an appointment to address your needs.