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Returning to Sport Criteria after an ACL Tear

After an ACL injury, it is integral to returning to sport that you set physical therapy goals. You must increase your strength and coordination to retrain your ACL and the muscles surrounding it back into shape. Your Denver physical therapist can recommend many different exercises and concentrations for your rehabilitation specific to your needs and state of injury.
The road to recovery after reconstruction of the ACL involves many aspects of your individual state. Physical therapy in Denver will consider the amount of pain and degradation of strength following your injury or tear and provide a plan for recovery. Some exercises and strengthening tools they might implement are icing of the area for pain relief, restricting over-exertion, and stretching and training to gain muscle movement and resiliency again.
Returning to sport after an ACL tear or injury is something your physical therapy Denver professional can more specifically advise – as with any major injury, it is always best to take your time and heal properly than re-injure youself. Contact Cherry Creek Wellness for more information about rehabilitation after an ACL injury.