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Physical Therapy in Denver for Overuse Injury Prevention

Don’t underestimate the power of patience. Usually when people want to excel at something, they’ll dedicate a substantial portion of time and energy towards practicing or developing that particular skill. This is one of the most harmful approaches to engaging in endurance sports, as you’re causing substantial damage and stress to your body if you haven’t properly prepared yourself for the demands of the sport. 

Start small with your goals and make sure to have adequate recovery time. Muscle fibers are damaged when they are stretched too far, but you can increase flexibility by slowly increasing the stress you place on muscles. A good substitute to rest specific muscle groups is to alternate your focus in workouts for example, one day can be dedicated to leg muscles, another arms, and another back. By using this method, you maintain overall bodily flexibility while not risking hindering your progress.
Technique is an essential component to prevent injuries, if you establish an improper movement of specific muscles and joints, your muscle memory begins recording the wrong function. Get in touch with the Denver physical therapists at Cherry Creek Wellness Center to establish the proper techniques for the particular sport you’re planning to engage in. The investment will pay bountiful dividends in saving you recovery time and medical bills for expenses that could easily have been prevented.