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Recovering from an Injury

How long should you wait to see if an injury gets better on its own? Fifty percent of soft tissue healing (muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc.) occurs in the first 2 weeks. Now is the time where a big impact on proper healing can be made. Why wait until restrictive scar tissue, compensatory movement patterns, muscle atrophy, or loss of flexibility occur?  You have a life to live!

Eighty percent of soft tissue healing happens in the first 6 weeks. If pain or dysfunction is still lingering, something isn’t going right in your recovery. The good news is that there is still some healing to be done. A Wheat Ridge physical therapist can help determine where you need assistance to get back on track. Pain is considered chronic at 12 weeks because 100% tissue healing from the initial injury should have occurred by now. If you are 12 weeks out, more time isn’t going to do the trick. Give us a call! We’d love the opportunity to help!
Shannon Marshall, PT, DPT