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Sports Injuries? Visit Your Denver Physical Therapist

And so it begins… driving from soccer to football to cross country and back home to make dinner.  As school gets back into session and sports ramp up, so do injuries.  Everything from posture related neck and back pain from sitting at desks and carrying backpacks, to muscle strains and concussions on the field.  Ideally we can prevent some injuries with pre-season assessments such as a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and follow-up training.  Without proper training or with the perfect sequence of events, injuries happen.  Don’t just let that ankle sprain linger all season and continue to be unstable. Treat it!  Knee is hurting?  Patellar femoral pain? Get it checked out!  Often, weakness or muscle leads imbalance leads to the onset of pain. Female athletes are notorious for knee pain due to hip weakness and can also increase risk of ACL injury.  Is your son or daughter complaining about neck or back pain after school?  It could be their sitting posture.  Strengthening and stretching maybe the simple solution that helps your student concentrate on their books and not on their back pain.  If an injury is not fully recovered in two weeks chances are it needs to be treated.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing (or doing nothing) and expecting a different result.  If you are suffering from pain don’t just live with it, fix it.