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Physical Therapy for a Sprained Ankle

October 28, 2015

An ankle sprain is an injury to one or more ligaments in your ankle that help stabilize the bones and joints in that region. The outside of the ankle is most commonly injured, though sprains can occur in other areas of the ankle as well. After a sprain, in addition to pain and swelling, patients may also experience weakness, impaired balance and coordination, and loss of motion.
While often thought of as minor injury, a sprained ankle can result in severe pain, swelling, repeated injury, and decreased activity levels. While the majority of patients will recover within a few weeks, up to a third will continue to experience symptoms for years.
If you have had lingering symptoms from an ankle sprain, or sprain your ankles regularly, you may benefit from physical therapy treatment. Your physical therapist will perform a comprehensive physical examination, work to restore joint motion, muscle flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. They can help develop a program that will challenge your ankle while minimizing injury risk.