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Can Specialized Physical Therapy Alleviate Back Pain During Pregnancy?

May 18, 2016

Pregnancy causes a number of changes to a woman’s body. A healthy glow, sometimes a thick head of hair, and unfortunately, back pain. Although many women may think that back pain is just an unpleasant side effect of having a baby, the truth is, it can be greatly reduced with the help of specialized physical therapy. Learn more about back pain during pregnancy here.

Do you tend to slump over in chairs with a curved back to relax? This bad posture could be the cause of your back pain, especially for pregnant women. With a proper specialized physical therapy program, you can identify the issues with your posture and work on techniques to correct it. Oftentimes, bad posture is a result of weak muscles, so your physical therapist will be able to recommend which exercises are best for you. If you know you have bad posture, it’s best to receive specialized physical therapy early on in your pregnancy to help correct the issue before the baby grows larger.

However, even if you enter a pregnancy with perfect posture, this could soon change as your baby grows. Why? The body’s center of gravity shifts forward as your baby grows, pulling you forward and shifting your posture completely out of alignment. So, even if you’ve never had an issue with improper posture before, you still may need to consider specialized physical therapy during pregnancy.

Have you ever wondered why so many pregnant women choose to do prenatal yoga? That’s because deep stretches can help loosen tight muscles in the low back that contract and cause pain during pregnancy. Working on your flexibility in a specialized physical therapy program can also help you relieve stress, another common cause of back pain. A specialized physical therapy program can help you increase your flexibility and work up to deep, meaningful stretches that will reduce the pain you’re experiencing. During a specialized physical therapy program, pregnant women will focus on flexibility of the hip flexors, lower back, shoulders, neck and upper back, meaning you’ll be able to treat pain from head to toe, not just in your back.

Strengthened Muscles
Specialized physical therapy can not only help with your endurance, but it can also strengthen the hip, core and back muscles. Because all of these muscles are utilized to carry the additional weight of a growing baby bump, it’s important to strengthen them as early as possible to prevent back pain. Pregnant women can be very limited in options when it comes to exercising. Even if you were a regular at the local gym before getting pregnant, you may be confused about what exercises are still safe for you now that you’re with child. But luckily, specialized physical therapy movements can be adjusted to fit your physical limitations, so you don’t have to worry that any motion is unsafe.

Ladies, are you expecting and experiencing back pains? Specialized physical therapy at Cherry Creek Wellness Center could be the right treatment option for you. Contact us today by calling 303-333-3493!