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5 Myths About Physical Therapy in Denver

May 25, 2016

Are you skeptical of receiving physical therapy in Denver? That could be because of the number of myths surrounding the practice of physical therapy. With all of these untruths out there, it’s hard to determine what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to physical therapy. But don’t worry, here’s the real truth behind these common myths:

You can do physical therapy without the help of a professional.
Although the success of many Denver physical therapy programs relies on whether or not the patient completes exercises at home as instructed, that does not mean that a professional isn’t needed. Physical therapy professionals are trained and licensed to guide you through customized plans that will fit your abilities, so never attempt to perform physical therapy without talking to a professional. Learn more about the role of a PT here.

“No pain, no gain.”
Many people are wary of physical therapy because of the myth that the practice can be very painful. Remember, the goal of physical therapy is to reduce the pain that you’re experiencing, not make it worse! Physical therapists are thoroughly trained to work within each patient’s pain threshold to ensure that they are comfortable and not wincing their way through each session. In fact, many physical therapists will tell you to stop if you feel pain instead of pushing through it.

Surgery is the only treatment option.
Some people brush off physical therapy as an ineffective treatment method, insisting that surgery is the only way that an injury can be fixed. However in many cases, medical professionals will recommend Denver physical therapy before even considering surgery as a treatment option because the former is a non-invasive, gentler approach. Although many are doubtful of the effectiveness of physical therapy, the truth is it can be just as effective—if not more—than surgery for a wide variety of ailments including torn rotator cuffs, lower back pain, and osteoarthritis.

Physical therapy is only for athletes.
Although it is true that many athletes receive physical therapy for aches and pains that prevent them from playing to their full potential, physical therapy can treat a wide variety of people. No matter what your occupation is or how you injured yourself, if an injury can be treated by physical therapy, it should always be an option for you.

I’m not in enough pain to need physical therapy.
Don’t wait until you’re immobile to get help! If you’re experiencing recurring aches and pains, you may need to ask a doctor whether physical therapy will work for you. Physical therapy is not only used to heal serious injuries, but also to prevent them from occurring. Many times, patients are referred to a physical therapist to help correct a problem before it worsens, so don’t use your level of pain as a way to determine whether physical therapy is right for you.

Now that you know the truth about Denver physical therapy, are you ready to experience the many benefits of receiving it at Cherry Creek Wellness Center? Contact us today by calling 303-333-3493!