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Should Runners in Denver Get Specialized Physical Therapy?

June 1, 2016

Whether you go for a light jog every evening or intensely train for marathons, as a runner, you’re bound to feel some aches and pains. When you do start to feel a pull in your muscle or tightness in your legs, can specialized physical therapy help? The short answer: yes! Here’s how:

Runner’s Knee
Many runners begin to develop a common ailment known as runner’s knee, which is when the constant motion of running damages the cartilage underneath the kneecap. This is a painful condition that can make it difficult to even maneuver up and down the staircase, much less get back on the treadmill. However, when runners receive specialized physical therapy for their runner’s knee, they can work on exercises that slowly build up the strength of the hips, which can help alleviate pain in the knees. Specialized physical therapy can not only help you manage the symptoms that you are currently experiencing, but prevent them from worsening or returning once you get back to your running routine. Learn more about how to relieve runner’s knee by strengthening your hips here.

Believe it or not, many aches and pains that runners develop are caused by bad form, which is a result of bad posture. The position of your shoulders, hips and legs can greatly affect how your body responds to you pounding the pavement, and specialized physical therapy can ensure that you’re using the right form. A trained physical therapist can analyze your posture and determine what needs to be adjusted to prevent injuries from occurring during exercise. Many runners consult with a physical therapist before beginning an intense training regimen to ensure that they are using the correct form and will not suffer from injury when they begin.

One of the keys to prevent injuries while running is stretching. Because running is a repetitive motion, the muscles become tight and condensed. When runners forget to take the time to properly stretch the muscles out, they are risking a serious injury. However, when runners begin to receive specialized physical therapy as part of their running regimen, the physical therapist can massage and stretch out the tight muscles to prevent injury. Some even find that doing specialized physical therapy regularly can help increase range of motion, which can help runners lengthen their stride and keep their bodies loose during a hard workout.

A few tips…
If you do decide to get specialized physical therapy, there are a few things that you should know:

Follow instructions carefully. If you’re injured, you will most likely be asked to take time off from running during the specialized physical therapy treatment to avoid further injury. Be sure to follow these instructions to see the best results from your treatment plan.

Specialized physical therapy will not prevent you from getting sore muscles after a run. This is a normal side effect of any kind of challenging workout, and should not be taken as a sign that the treatment is ineffective.

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