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Can Specialized Physical Therapy Help Patients With Arthritis?

June 8, 2016

Over 50 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with arthritis. This chronic inflammation can cause pain and stiffness in the joints that can severely impacts your quality of life. Learn more about understanding arthritis here. Luckily, there may be a way to reduce your symptoms with specialized physical therapy!

How can specialized physical therapy help with arthritis?
After multiple sessions, specialized physical therapy can greatly reduce the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. First, your licensed physical therapist will be able to make recommendations to you on how you can reduce pain on your own. For example, the physical therapist may notice that you’re not wearing the correct gel inserts in your shoes. They may also suggest a hot and cold therapy treatment that you can try at home to alleviate pain.  By following these recommendations, you can greatly reduce the pain that you feel without having to come back for more specialized physical therapy.

Improper use of a walker or cane can make arthritis pain much worse, yet many people don’t realize that they’re not using these devices correctly. Fortunately, a physical therapist will be able to critique how you use your walker and cane to advise you on adjustments that you should make. 

During a specialized physical therapy session, your physical therapist may also give you tips to better align your posture to prevent pain. Not only will this reduce the suffering you experience on a daily basis, it may also improve your joint functioning and allow you to move around without as much stiffness.

What does a specialized physical therapy session entail?
Every specialized physical therapy session is different depending on the needs of the patient. However, with arthritis patients, the goal is often to teach them how to ease the pain at home. It’s important that arthritis patients keep their physical therapist in the loop about where they are experiencing the most pain and what activities cause the pain. Without this knowledge, the physical therapist will not be able to design a successful specialized physical therapy plan.

Physical therapists will focus on teaching arthritis patients gentle exercises as well as different treatment options that can be done at home. Arthritis patients should keep in mind that improvement does not happen overnight. As with any kind of exercise, the body needs to slowly adjust and build strength before you can see results. Arthritis patients should commit to multiple specialized physical therapy sessions in order to see the improvement that they desire.  

As you move through the program, let your physical therapist know what’s working and what’s not. If you start to feel pain in a new location, let him or her know so the plan can be adjusted to account for the new area of pain. It’s important to give your physical therapist all the information that he or she needs to build a plan to help you succeed in alleviating arthritis pain!

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