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Tennis Players, Avoid Specialized Physical Therapy With These Tips

June 29, 2016

Love hitting the court? Whether you’re new to the game or an avid tennis player, you’re bound to run into injuries once in a while. Many tennis players end up having to receive specialized physical therapy after suffering from painful injuries on the court. To avoid these injuries as much as possible, follow these tips:

Athletes should always take the time to stretch, but that’s especially true of tennis players. Because tennis players make quick, repetitive motions, stretching is essential before and after you hit the court in order to avoid injury and the need for specialized physical therapy. One stretch that is incredibly helpful in preventing the need for specialized physical therapy is the tennis elbow stretch. This involves extending one arm forward with your fingers pointing down. Then, use the hand on the other arm to push your hand back towards your body to release tension in the tendons and ligaments in the arm. Another helpful exercise is the cross-body adduction shoulder stretch, which releases tension in the shoulder blades. Learn more about the cross-body adduction shoulder stretch here.

Train outside of tennis.
Tennis players should do other kinds of activities to stay in shape and improve their game, such as lunging, sprinting and balance exercises. These exercises will not only strengthen muscles but also give your body a break from the repetitive motion of playing tennis. Your body needs this break in order to protect itself from injury and prevent the need for specialized physical therapy.

Pick the right equipment.
Choosing the right pair of tennis shoes and the right racquet will help your body stay healthy and avoid the need for specialized physical therapy. First, start with the shoes. Tennis players need a shoe that keeps both the inside and outside of the foot stable with flexibility near the ball of the foot. Without these features, tennis players are more likely to run into injuries on the court and need specialized physical therapy to help with recovery.

Besides picking the right shoe, tennis players must also choose a racquet that will help them stay healthy. Tennis racquet grips that are too large will cause you to squeeze the racquet harder and exhaust your arm. However, a small grip could lead you to exhaust your elbow or forearm. Always consult with a professional who can help you pick the perfect racquet and prevent injuries on the court.

Play on soft surfaces.
One of the reasons why tennis players may need specialized physical therapy is because they play on hard surfaces such as cement or asphalt. Playing on these surfaces can quickly lead to lower back and knee pain, so try to avoid them at all costs. However, if you do have to hop onto a hard surface court, slip a heel insert into each shoe to help absorb the shock and limit the damage.

Injuries are common amongst tennis players. If you’re ever in need of specialized physical therapy, don’t hesitate to visit the Cherry Creek Wellness Center. Contact us today by calling 303-333-3493!