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What You Need to Know About Pelvic Floor Specialized Physical Therapy

September 7, 2016

Millions of Americans are currently dealing with pelvic floor issues including overactive bladder, leakage, irritable bowel, pelvic inflammatory disease and more. Women often think this is a normal part of growing older and having children, but that is not always the case. Specialized physical therapy can help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with pelvic floor issues.

What to Expect

Specialized physical therapy designed to treat pelvic floor issues is customized for each patient. The physical therapist that you meet with at Cherry Creek Wellness Center will need to discuss your medical history and get more information on what pain or discomfort you are currently feeling. Your physical therapist may assess your posture and movements to determine if improvements need to be made to help your condition. Depending on your condition, you may also receive a brief internal examination—but don’t worry, everything is done in a private room.

Don’t forget to tell your physical therapist how your condition has impacted your life. For example, if you are experiencing leakage and have to wear certain clothing or protective pads or avoid exercising, let your physical therapist know. The goal of specialized physical therapy is to improve the quality of your life, so these issues will need to be addressed.

Who Receives Specialized Physical Therapy
Although many patients who receive treatment for pelvic floor issues are women, especially women who have given birth, that doesn’t mean men and children can’t be affected, too. Anyone can experience pelvic floor issues, so don’t feel embarrassed about seeking treatment if you are not a woman with children.

The Treatment
Treatments will differ for each person, but you can expect a comprehensive plan that incorporates various types of exercises, stretches and breathing techniques. You will most likely be asked to work on some movements at home in between sessions so you can see faster results and learn how to build up strength on your own.

Many patients are nervous they will not be physically able to do the exercises their physical therapist asks them to, but you shouldn’t be concerned. Most of the exercises that are used to treat pelvic floor conditions are not difficult if done correctly. For example, the bridge, with involves laying on your back and thrusting your hips upwards is not a tough move, but it works wonders when it comes to strengthening your pelvic floor. See more pelvic floor exercises to prevent urinary incontinence and other health issues.

Above all else, remember to stick to the program. The key to specialized physical therapy is consistency, so if you don’t dedicate yourself to improving your pelvic floor issues, you won’t see the results you desire.

Our exceptional team of licensed physical therapists treats a variety of conditions and injuries. Whether you are in need of physical therapy for sports injuries, pelvic floor issues, TMJ or any other health condition, you are welcome at Cherry Creek Wellness Center! Are you interested in learning more about our services and how they can help your condition?  Contact us today by calling 303-333-3493!