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How to Get the Most Out of Your Denver Physical Therapy

September 14, 2016

Denver physical therapy is a great way to recover from injuries, relieve general aches and pains, and improve strength and balance. But, it’s not magic. Like every other exercise or treatment, you have to make an effort to see results. To get the most out of your treatment, follow these tips:

Do your homework.

A big part of seeing improvement is doing all of the exercises you are supposed to do when you’re not in an actual session. Physical therapists will often assign patients “homework,” asking them to do certain stretches or movements on their own to speed up the healing time and increase their range of motion. However, if you brush these homework assignments off, don’t expect to see quick results from your physical therapy sessions.

Describe your pain.
The licensed therapists at Denver physical therapy treatment centers need to know as much as possible about the pain you are experiencing, so try to describe it in great detail. Is it more of a throbbing pain, or a is it a sharp, stabbing sensation? The type of pain you feel can help a physical therapist create a customized treatment plan for you, so communicate openly and often with your physical therapy provider.

Take notes.
When you are told to do exercises at home, it’s always best to take notes so you remember exactly what exercises you are supposed to do and how many reps of each. After you do the exercises in front of your physical therapist, take notes based on his or her feedback so you can incorporate the suggestions into your practice at home. Notes are helpful, but a camera would be even better so you can snap a picture of the perfect form for each exercise.

Go to the same physical therapist.
There are a lot of Denver physical therapy offices, but if you are receiving treatment, stick with the same physical therapist the whole time instead of jumping around to different providers. Your PT will take detailed notes about your improvements, setbacks, and any pain that you may experience as you perform each movement. If you switch to another therapist midway through your treatment, the new therapist will have no idea where you left off so you will have to start from scratch.

Show up ready to start.

A Denver physical therapy session is not a red carpet, so there’s no need to feel pressure to dress up when you come for treatment. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Also, make sure the physical therapist has easy access to your injury in whatever you’re wearing. Don’t forget to put your cell phone on silent and keep it in your bag or car so you can completely focus on your body. Learn how to prepare for a physical therapy session.

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