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Benefits of Massage Therapy at Cherry Creek Wellness Center

September 28, 2016

When you think of physical therapy, images of stretching and twisting into different positions may come to mind. But, did you know massage therapy is also an important part of many physical therapy treatment plans at Cherry Creek Wellness Center? Massages may seem like a great way to relax—and they are—but there are many other benefits, too. Here are just a few:

Massages Can Improve Your Posture
A lot of back, shoulder and neck pain can be caused by bad posture. Luckily, massage therapy, when used together with other forms of physical therapy at Cherry Creek Wellness Center, can help you correct your posture. Massages loosen the muscles that tighten when you’re slumped over, so the body will be able to relax back into its normal, correct posture.

Massages Can Improve Flexibility
Many people sit at a desk all day, which greatly limits muscles’ flexibility and range of motion. When muscles are tight, they are more prone to injury, so it is important to keep them loose and flexible with massage therapy.

Massages Can Help With Recovery
When you are training for a marathon or just a fan of regular exercise, your body needs time to recover. One of the best ways to make sure your body properly heals before heading back to the gym is with a massage at Cherry Creek Wellness Center. Massages can help increase blood flow so every area of your body is able to heal quickly, and it also relaxes muscles to relieve minor aches and pains that occur after exercising. If you incorporate massages into your routine, you can even increase your athletic performance. Learn more about massage therapy for those who exercise.

Massages Promote Deep Breathing
As you recover from an injury with physical therapy, you will be told time and time again to control your breath. Physical therapists at Cherry Creek Wellness Center may instruct you to take slow, deep breaths to get through the discomfort, but this can be difficult if you’re not used to this pace. Massage therapy can help you control your breathing so you can reach a relaxed state quickly. After a few massages, you should be able to take these new breathing techniques into other areas of your physical therapy treatment plan to improve your results.

Massages Can Improve Balance and Coordination
Physical therapists may recommend massage therapy if your end goal is to improve your balance or coordination. Research has shown that after six weeks of massage therapy, patients will notice their balance and coordination skills have improved. This can help older patients avoid serious injuries, since they are more prone to slip and fall accidents caused by a loss of balance.

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