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Denver Wellness Center Tips: How to Avoid the “Sitting Disease”

October 5, 2016

Have you heard of the “sitting disease”? The health community came to a startling conclusion over the last few years: sitting for prolonged periods of time can actually be more harmful to our health than smoking! People who sit for long periods of time everyday are at a higher risk of diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. These people tend to also have more back pain and weaker muscles, too. Learn about the sitting disease here. How can you avoid being another victim of the sitting disease? Follow these tips from the Denver Wellness Center experts:

Stretch Frequently
One of the first things you will learn when you visit a Denver Wellness Center is how to properly stretch. Stretching on a regular basis can help improve flexibility, range of motion and posture. Plus, it can also keep muscles loose to prevent injuries in the future. When you get up frequently from your desk job to stretch, you may notice a sense of calm rush over you, as stretching relieves tension and boosts your energy.

Go Outside
Instead of surfing the web or heading to the vending machines on your ten minute break, go outside and take a brisk walk. This can help you escape from the stresses of your job while also getting your muscles moving. If it’s too cold or hot to take a walk outside, go to the staircase in your office and go up and down a few flights of stairs at any pace you feel comfortable with. A quick walk can pump up your adrenaline, too, so when you get back to work, you will be more motivated and productive.

Talk to Your Boss About a Standing Desk
Many different brands create standing desks for office workers that allow them to get out of the habit of sitting all day. In fact, some of these desks can be adjusted into standing desks and back to sitting desks, so you can switch up your routine and alternate back and forth. According to the professionals at the Denver Wellness Center, you should consider talking to your boss about whether your office can install a few of these desks. Even if it’s too pricey to buy one for everyone in the office, if your employer could add a few here and there and let people rotate in and out of using them, it would make a big difference in everyone’s health.

Stand and Eat Lunch
If you don’t have a standing desk in your office, the Denver Wellness Center experts recommend at least standing during your lunch break to stretch out your muscles and prevent injuries. Try to focus on keeping your shoulders back and down away from your ears as you eat. Don’t hunch over to grab your food, either. This will promote bad posture habits and lead to even more back pain.

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