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Mid-foot Injury Information from the Cherry Creek Wellness Center

October 19, 2016

Most folks are familiar with a sprained ankle, but few people are aware that the mid-foot can be sprained too. Fractures and dislocations can occur mid-foot also. Due to the complexities of the mid-foot, it is best to seek immediate medical attention, which should later include specialized physical therapy, if you have suffered an injury to the mid-foot. Because while standard sprain PRICE treatment is a good idea for mid-foot injuries, they often require additional professional attention.

The non-descript "Lisfranc injury" refers to the fracture or dislocation of the bones or torn ligaments in the mid-foot region known as the Lisfranc joint. The joint name is derived from that of a French surgeon, Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin, of the 19th century, who often observed this type of injury during his time in the Napoleonic army.

A Lisfranc injury is often mistaken for a simple sprain, especially if the injury is a result of a straightforward twist and fall. However, it can be a severe injury that may take months to heal – and may even require surgery. Injury to the Lisfranc joint is not a simple sprain that should be "walked off." Let the experts at Cherry Creek Wellness Center assist with your recovery.

This middle region of the foot is where a cluster of small bones forms an arch on the top of the foot. From this cluster, five long bones (metatarsals) extend to the toes. The bones are held in place by connective tissues (ligaments) that stretch both across and down the foot. However, there is no connective tissue holding the first metatarsal to the second metatarsal. A twisting fall can break or shift (dislocate) these bones out of place. Take a look at the human foot anatomy if needed, to orient yourself.

The mid-foot will be affected if the bones are broken or the ligaments are torn and ruptured. Injuries can vary, from a simple injury that affects only a single joint, to a complex injury that disrupts multiple, different joints and includes multiple fractures. The severity of the injury can vary from simple to complex, involving many joints and bones in the mid-foot, because mid-foot injuries result if bones in the mid-foot are broken or ligaments that support the mid-foot are torn.

Lisfranc injuries can also damage the cartilage of the mid-foot joints. Cartilage covers the ends of bones in the joints, allowing the joints to move smoothly. If severe mid-foot injuries are not treated, then damage to the cartilage and increased stress at the mid-foot joints could result in both flatfoot and arthritis, which may require complex surgery to correct.

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