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How to Choose A Specialized Physical Therapy Provider

October 26, 2016

If you seek medical attention for an injury, your doctor may recommend that you receive specialized physical therapy to improve healing and mobility. But, with so many clinics and centers to choose from in the Denver area, how can you be sure you’re picking the best provider? Follow these tips:

Ask Your Doctor

If a doctor suggests you see a physical therapist, get a referral from him or her. Doctors refer patients all the time, so they will likely have a good idea of who in the area will best suit your specialized physical therapy needs. Ask for a list of providers nearby and narrow down the list as you research each of them.

Read Online Reviews

When you are deciding to visit any type of service provider, it’s a good idea to read online reviews to see what other patients are saying. Of course, every business will have some bad reviews, but if they’re mainly negative, then maybe it’s a good idea to go to the next specialized physical therapy provider on your list.

Talk to the Physical Therapists

Before you decide on a specialized physical therapist, talk to the physical therapists you will be working with. Find out how much experience they have working with your specific injury so you know whether they are qualified. If you don’t have time to visit each location in person, try calling them and speaking to them briefly over the phone. Of course, they won’t be able to give you medical advice without seeing you in person, but that’s not the purpose of this communication.

Check for Certifications

Depending on your injury, you may want to ask whether the specialized physical therapy provider has the proper certifications. For example, if you are an athlete, you will want to look for a certified sports therapist, since these therapists will have more training working with sports injuries. Learn more about the sports certification for physical therapists.  There are also certifications for pediatrics, oncology, orthopedics, women’s health and geriatrics, so make sure you know what you are looking for when you begin your search.

Offer Comprehensive Services

Specialized physical therapy is about going through a well-rounded, comprehensive treatment program to improve mobility and heal any injuries. If you find a physical therapist who does not offer a variety of services to meet patient's goals, then this is not the best choice to get the most out of your sessions. For example, Cherry Creek Wellness Center offers a diverse selection of services such as pilates, massage therapy and Redcord suspension training. Together, these different services help patients heal and grow stronger to reach their true potential.

Patients from all walks of life who are suffering from a wide variety of different injuries and physical ailments come to Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Denver, Colorado to receive specialized physical therapy from our exceptional team of therapists. Are you interested in learning more about our services and how they can help your condition? Contact us today by calling 303-333-3493!