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Redcord at Cherry Creek Wellness Center: Suspension Exercise Proven Over 25 Years

November 2, 2016

Has a sports injury put you on the sideline? Or are you dealing with nagging, persistent pain that hasn’t responded to treatment? If so, you may want to take a few minutes to learn about Redcord suspension exercise through ActivCore, which is just one of the treatments you may receive as a client at Cherry Creek Wellness Center.

What is Redcord?

Redcord is a suspension exercise system that uses ropes, bungee cords and slings to challenge the neuromuscular system. This equipment was designed over 25 years ago by licensed physical therapists, and has been a common part of healing and strengthening exercises ever since. Redcord is just one of the services offered to Cherry Creek Wellness Center clients as part of a comprehensive physical training program. Learn more about Redcord and why it might work for you.

How is Redcord used in physical therapy?

Suspension exercises are widely by physical therapists, including the staff at Cherry Creek Wellness Center. Being suspended by Redcord equipment helps clients rely on their core strength to make movements. Over time, clients will notice increased core strength, which will help protect the lower back and spine to prevent further injury.
Redcord also helps Cherry Creek Wellness Center clients improve their balance, which is especially important for senior citizens who are more prone to slip and falls. Luckily, these clients will have no problem taking part in Redcord, since it’s designed to fit the abilities of every type of client. Redcord is similar to a pool in that it creates a weightless environment by lifting clients up into the air with the suspension equipment. When clients are in weightless environments, they are able to try new exercises and push themselves further without feeling pain, which is why so many physical therapists take clients into the pool.

How does Redcord compare to other suspension exercise systems?

It’s no secret that physical therapists prefer Redcord over other suspension exercise systems, but why? One of the main reasons is Redcord is a multi-point suspension system, meaning it can hold the body completely elevated in the air by wrapping around a client’s abdomen, feet or hands. Many other suspension systems are single-point systems, meaning only one part of the body is engaging with the equipment. For example, with Redcord, clients could use the equipment to hoist themselves up by the legs and arms to become parallel to the ground. With other types of equipment, clients would have to keep their feet planted on the ground and only engage with their hands. Multi-point suspension systems give physical therapists at Cherry Creek Wellness Center more options when it comes to designing exercise plans for their patients.
Redcord also uses bungee cords, a tool that other suspension exercise systems do not include. Because bungee cords are elastic, they will adjust during the exercise as needed to fit the comfort level of the client. If you struggle at any time during a Redcord exercise, the bungee cord can be adjusted so you don’t have to give up and sacrifice progress towards a pain-free life.
Redcord is just one of the many physical therapy treatments that is offered at Cherry Creek Wellness Center. Are you interested in learning more about our services?  Contact us today by calling 303-333-3493!