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Wellness Trends in 2017

January 30, 2017

In 2016, wellness became popular among all segments of the population. There was a big increase in the focus on health and well being. Plant-based food moved from a side dish to an entrée on the plate. Wearing comfortable clothing and work out attire to the office became commonplace, replacing business casual and suits. Yoga and meditation were popular, not only at home, but also at the work place.
There will be many wellness trends in 2017 to watch for. Nutrition will become more personalized and the focus will be on differentiated plans for diet and exercise. The “green movement” will include “fashion minimalism”, encouraging greener practices and products and less consumption, and beauty products will become cleaner and less toxic. Less waste will also be seen in the food industry with restaurateurs using ugly, blemished produce in creative ways. There is expected to be a sobriety movement due to the desire for more meaningful encounters and intimacy. But, for those not partaking in sobriety, Mezcal (alcohol made from the agave plants native to Mexico) will be more popular due to its plant-based spirits and purported medicinal properties. Multi-sensory experiences will become the focus for new kinds of relaxation and stress management, in addition to yoga and meditation. Infrared saunas will become more widely used to de-stress, relax, and relieve sore muscles and joints. Fitness clothes (“athleisure attire”) will continue to be more fashionable so it can be worn to exercise, to work, and to social events. Women will have more common spaces where they can gather to work and share. The new super food will be medicinal mushrooms that have health benefits that include fighting cancer, reducing inflammation, and balancing blood sugar. And, the Ketogenic diet will be more popular to treat neurological diseases, to nourish the brain, and for athletic training.
In Colorado, retailers will be producing a wider variety of cannabis products and its use will increase due to its medicinal properties. More cannabis foods, beauty products, and consumer goods will be on the market due to the healing benefits of cannabis. Also, facilities that combine nutrition, exercise, and wellness will continue to pop up all over the state.
In summary, affordable and accessible wellness services will be more available. Health establishments and grocery stores are predicted to lower their prices, offer more organic store brand products, and gear their marketing to every day consumers wanting to stay healthy. The year 2017 will be known as the year that wellness became less elite and more everyday.

Article by: Lynn Tandler, Nutrition Consultant

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