About Genevieve's Bike Trip

“In college, my friend Kelly and I decided to spend the summer after graduation riding from St. Augustine, Florida to Cape Cod. Unfortunately, a rugby injury for her and a job offer in LA for me prevented that. Then, two years ago, Kelly set off on a solo trip from Florida to California. Her trip made me start longing to be a part of something like that again. So, we decided to spend a month this summer riding from Maine to Florida.”

“I want to experience a trip like this because I enjoy pushing myself and discovering I can accomplish truly amazing things. I have always been a very active person who loves the outdoors so this seemed like the perfect trip for me.”

“After months of training, buying gear, and finding someone to stay with my cat, we are finally ready to hit the road. On August 23rd, we will be flying out to Maine and will begin our journey down the coast on the 24."

Wish them luck! - For updates on their trip, follow @oi_bluey on instagram.