Personal Training Denver: Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the personal training sessions at Cherry Creek Wellness Center?

50 - 55 minutes


Why should I do functional fitness training at CCWC instead of my Denver gym?

Cherry Creek Wellness Center strives to provide the most advanced and effective training available. Our training studio offers a professional, intimate experience that cannot be replicated at a gym through classical Pilates, functional movement screens, and Redcord. Cherry Creek Wellness Center is fun, non-intimidating place to perform your workout. 

Our trainer is continually in contact with our physical therapists to discuss the best ways to exercise with an injury and prevent future injury. Because we believe in the importance of consistent exercise, we strive to make training affordable by offering cost-sharing opportunities with our semi-private training sessions.


What will we do in a functional fitness training session?

We will screen and develop a plan for your fitness goals in your initial evaluation. You will perform weight bearing resistance exercises using Redcord, Pilates, free weights and a cable-pulley machine. You will progress through four stages of mobility, stability, strength, and power. Through these you will focus on stabilizers, core strength, as well as building prime muscles so that you can use these together and achieve functional movement patterns that translate to your daily activities.


How many repetitions of an exercise should I be able to complete?

Your functional fitness specialist will have you perform fewer reps that are more precise and produce minimal compensation. This puts the focus on quality over quantity. Every individual is different. We work on building strength from your base by constantly challenging your muscles and pushing you to fatigue as you get stronger so you do not reach a plateau and stop getting results.


If an area of my body hurts, should I avoid exercising that part?

You should not perform an exercise if it causes pain. Our goal is to allow you to exercise pain free. Nevertheless, the trouble spot can often benefit from strengthening the surrounding muscles. Your trainer may consult with one of our on-site physical therapists to review any injury precautions or modified exercises. 


What is the best way to lose weight?

Weight loss is most effective when you incorporate three components: cardiovascular exercise, strength training and a balanced diet. The components work a bit differently for every individual. We are happy to refer you elsewhere if you biggest goal is to lose weight.