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At Cherry Creek Wellness Center we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality wellness and rehabilitation services available. With our coordinated approach to health and wellness you will see results you never thought possible. Our experienced Denver physical therapists, Denver massage therapists, Pilates instructors and personal trainers give you individualized treatments and attention. Visit one of our five Denver wellness center locations in Denver, Denver West, Lone Tree, Stapleton, or Wheat Ridge and experience the difference!

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Cherry Creek Wellness Center has five locations across the Denver Metro Area and Front Range to meet all your physical therapy needs. With services like physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training, pilates and weight loss programs, Cherry Creek Wellness Center can tailor a personalized program to fit your wellness needs. We also offer specialty services such as sports physical therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, trigger point dry needling, vestibular rehabilitation, TMJ dysfunction, hand therapy and more.

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Dance Medicine

New to Cherry Creek Wellness Center’s Stapleton Office!
Dance training routinely demands students to perform complex movement patterns in extreme ranges of motion placing high stresses on the trunk and joints.  Both traumatic and overuse injuries are common in this population and an injury may interfere with training, performance, or even end a dancer’s career.  Prevention is the key to avoiding injuries and should be directed toward identified risk factors specific to each individual dancer.  Due to the unique demands dancers place on their bodies, it is imperative to find health care providers familiar with a dancer’s needs when seeking treatment for a dance injury.

Call the Stapleton clinic to set up your dance specific screening, evaluation and treatment of a dance related injury, or pointe readiness screening today.