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5 Locations to Serve you: Cherry Creek, Lone Tree, Stapleton, Wheat Ridge, & Denver West

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5 Locations to Serve You

Cherry Creek Wellness Center has five locations to meet your physical therapy needs in Denver and surrounding areas in the Front Range. With services like massage therapy, personal training, physical therapy, pilates and weight loss programs, Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Denver, CO can develop a personalized program to fit your wellness needs. We also offer specialty services such as sports physical therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, trigger point dry needling, vestibular rehabilitation, TMJ dysfunction, hand therapy and more.

Latest News from Cherry Creek Wellness Center

ActivArmor: Custom Designed and Fabricated Splints/Orthoses

Now Available at Cherry Creek Wellness Center's Lone Tree Clinic

April 25, 2016

Cherry Creek Wellness Center is now offering ActivArmorTM custom designed and fabricated splints/orthoses in their Lone Tree clinic.

ActivArmorTM is made from 100% water-safe ABS plastic and designed to be breathable and hygienic.  ActivArmorTM is being prescribed by medical providers for injuries and conditions requiring immobilization including breaks, sprains, post-surgical healing, and for chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.*

ActivArmorTM uses a safe and touch-free/painless body image scan to create an accurate model of the patient's limb in about 30 seconds.  That scan, along with the provider's specific design instructions for each patient's unique needs are transmitted to ActivArmorTM for custom designand  fabrication.

ActivArmorTM's custom design allows for an infinite number of device options based on the patient's unique body mapping and injury or condition. Designs include hand-based or forearm based, thumb spica and MCP blocking options.They are also adaptable for use in combination with other technologies such as TENS units for pain management, NMES for reducing muscle atrophy, bio-monitoring devices, ultrasound, and bone stimulators.

More information on ActivArmorTM can be found at

* ActivArmorTM is a Class I splint labeled for external, non-sterile immobilization, support and stability of extremities. ActivArmorTM has not been formally tested for acute injuries or for providing bone-level strength to the extremity. The medical provider should determine the appropriate use, time, duration and intensities for the patient's medical condition.