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Cherry Creek Wellness Center has five locations across the Denver Metro Area and Front Range to meet all your physical therapy needs. With services like physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training, pilates and weight loss programs, Cherry Creek Wellness Center Denver, CO can tailor a personalized program to fit your wellness needs. We also offer specialty services such as sports physical therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, trigger point dry needling, vestibular rehabilitation, TMJ dysfunction, hand therapy and more.

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Massage + Trigger Points

Massage has numerous benefits to the body but importantly it can release pesky trigger points.

What are trigger points you ask?
It’s when an area of the muscles is extra tense or a point in the muscles that can be tender or hyper-irritable that can cause referral pain to another area to the body, due to muscles over load or injury.

How can massage help?
Massage can help soften up tension and potentially alleviate pain. A trigger point may not always be the main complaint or area of pain but could be the source.

Soft tissue work, especially trigger point work specifically has been practice for many years and has been proven to help with pain management or even eliminate pain all together.