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Denver Wellness Center Tips for Proper Form and Posture While Staying Active

May 24, 2017

Do you know if you are using proper form when you are exercising? If you aren’t using proper form when getting your workout or activities in, not only are you not able to work to the best of your ability, but it could also be hard on your body. This can lead to other issues. Learn more about the reasons to have proper form, tips for posture and how using physical therapy at your local Denver wellness center to stay active can help.

Reasons to Have Proper Form

When you are playing your favorite activities, or working out, not having proper form can lead to a poor workout or injuries. This can lead to long term damage. There are methods of proper form for all types of activities, from cardio such as running or jogging to strength training. It is especially crucial to have proper form when lifting weights. Why? Your goal is to work specific muscle groups. If you are not using proper form, you are not maximizing your workout and can hurt yourself. You can find more details on proper form in the Mayo Clinic’s Weight Training: Do’s and Don’ts of proper technique.

Tips for Posture

Maintaining proper posture for every day and when working out or being active is important. Did you know poor posture can lead to headaches, fatigue, back and neck pain, nerve issues and more? Make sure you always keep your shoulders relaxed. You also want to make sure that your shoulders and ears line up. Next, make sure your head and neck do not tilt too much to one side. Also, it is important to make sure your feet are straight. If your feet are curved in or face out, you will one to correct that. By correcting some of these posture issues, not only will it help you in your everyday movements, but also in your workouts. Take time to identify what posture issues you have and then review Body Building’s Posture Power: How to Correct Your Body’s Alignment to resolve.

Using Physical Therapy to Help Staying Active

If you are looking to better your form and posture for your day-to-day tasks and activities, a physical therapist can help. While you can review on your own stretches, working with a physical therapist takes it a step further. They will ensure you are practicing stretches and exercises correctly to help you correct anything you are doing incorrectly. You will be surprised what pain and issues help you when you start to see a physical therapist. Have a sports injury? It’s critical to see a physical therapist to recover and learn proper form.

If you are looking to correct your posture, learn proper form for the activities you do regularly and more, Cherry Creek Wellness Center can help. Don’t forget that even using your smartphone can lead to posture issues. Read our guide Denver Wellness Center Explains How to Avoid Pain from Digital Devices. To get started, contact Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Denver today.