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Functional Movement Screening at Cherry Creek Wellness Center

Stephanie Uszacki, MS, ATC, of Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Wheat Ridge offers tailored exercise programs for all levels of athletes. Whether you are a weekend warrior, competitive athlete or are using physical therapy post-injury or post-surgery, Stephanie can develop a training regimen to address your needs.

In addition to being a Certified Athletic Trainer, Stephanie is certified in Functional Movement Screening, which helps to identify limitations and asymmetries in movement patterns fundamental to functional movement quality. Even if an individual is not experiencing pain or a musculoskeletal injury, a functional movement screen (FMS) can help determine the most appropriate training program for their body. An FMS places the individual in certain positions to test motor, manipulative and stabilization movements to determine weaknesses and imbalances throughout the body.

Don’t just get moving, get moving at your very best by booking a training session/FMS with Stephanie Uszacki today!