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Using Pilates and Denver Physical Therapy to Reach Health and Fitness Goals

February 21, 2018

Are you looking for a new way to reach your health and fitness goals? Pilates is a great exercise routine to incorporate into your plan. Through strength training and flexibility, you will love how this type of exercise will help you reach your goals. Learn more about Pilates, benefits, and nutrition goals. From here, you can also incorporate Denver physical therapy to help ensure you have proper posture and form.

Pilates Overview

So. What is Pilates? Pilates is a low-impact type of strength training that is excellent for your core. It is named after German creator Joseph Pilates, who created it in the 1920s after he immigrated to the United States. It can be used as your primary source of exercise, or supplementary to your fitness routine to help you meet goals.

Many assume Pilates is an advanced form of exercise. Not true! Anyone, of any skill level, can practice and benefit from Pilates.

When it comes to Pilates, there are two different types:
  • Mat
  • Reformer machine
Mat Pilates are done on a mat, similar but thicker than a yoga mat. It is comprised of movements and stretches. Some exercises include laying on your back and raising your legs, creating circles with your legs with your arms outstretched, or holding one of your legs in the air in s a stretch.

Reformer Pilates is a form of Pilates done on a machine that lays on the ground and uses resistance. Once you lay down and get situated, then you will go through various Pilates exercises. Since it is a machine, it better ensures that you have proper form. It can also be more intensive if you would like to go to the next level. Many use a reformer Pilates machine when they are training for a specific sport or event. It also helps give you a much larger range of motion.

Fitness and Health Benefits

When you practice Pilates, whether it be on a mat or using a reformer machine, you will be getting some of the best possible strength training there is—especially for your core. Since you will be working a variety of areas, you will be toning multiple areas of your body. In addition, Pilates will make you more flexible. This will help you be better at Pilates, sports, and other fitness activities. You will also notice a large difference in yourself over time in terms of toning.

There is often a misconception that strength training will make you “bulk up.” This is untrue. Strength training refines and tones your muscles. It’s beneficial for those who are overweight, and often helps them reach their goals quicker. For lean people, it is a great way to refine certain areas. While strength training may not seem to burn as many calories as a treadmill session, it can actually burn more. How? Strength training keeps you burning calories, even after you are done with your exercises. Also, when you continuously push yourself (without injuring yourself), you may notice results much faster as opposed to only doing cardio.

Not only can Pilates help you strengthen and tone your body, but can help resolve some issues too. For instance, back pain. When you are strengthening your back muscles and core, studies have shown an improvement or elimination of pain in the area. You will also be strengthening the area around joints too, assisting with any joint pain.

If you are an athlete, Pilates will make you an even better one. When done supplemental to your sport, the core building and strength training will help you fine tune and perfect movements.  Also, Pilates will also help you reduce the amount of injuries you have as an athlete. If you become injured, you will most likely recover more quickly thanks to the great care you are taking of your body.

Nutrition Goals

When it comes to nutritional goals, everyone is different. Some people are looking to lose weight, while others are looking to maintain, or possibly even bulk up. Regardless, in addition to mastering nutrition for your goals, it’s also important to remember to fuel your body for a workout.
  • Weight loss: Each individual is different. Your body will act and metabolize differently than someone else. This is why it is crucial for you to find a nutritional plan that works for your body type. The best way to approach this is through trial and error. This can be difficult because you may want to reach results fast, however, once you find your way and stick with it, you will reach the results you are looking for. You must find something that is healthy and realistic that you can maintain long term. What is the ‘best diet’ for you? Explore online and talk to your doctor and physical therapist.
  • Maintenance: Whether you have met a weight loss goal or are just looking to keep with the status quo for your body, you will need to keep tracking of some sort. Make sure you are doing regular weigh ins and set a number or other attribute that will make you go back into weight loss mode. Determine that number by checking your BMI. For weight loss, you will lose when you have a calorie deficit of 500 from your max number of calories your body burns in a day. Everyone is different. You can invest in a heart rate tracking device to help you get a better idea on how your body burns.

Incorporating Physical Therapy

Whether you are new to Pilates, or a seasoned veteran, going to a physical therapist will help you perfect this exercise routine. Since form and posture is so important to all sports and exercises, Pilates included, a physical therapist will help you learn proper methods and techniques for success. If you are recovering for an injury, not only will their guidance help you become better at Pilates but will aid in your recovery. In fact, your physical therapist will create a plan custom tailored to you. Not only will this speed up your recovery time but will help you prevent having a similar injury in the future.

Whether you are looking to learn more about Pilates, or are trying to recover from an injury, Cherry Creek Wellness Center will help you accomplish your goals. Contact Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Denver online or at 303-333-3493 to schedule your appointment.