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Increase Strength with Redcord from your Local Denver Wellness Center

June 12, 2018

One of the best ways you can become a better athlete or even just healthier and stronger. Whether you enjoy training at a gym, are interested in suspension training, or prefer to do workouts on your own at home sans equipment, there is so much you can do. Once you add in strength training, you will notice a difference in the way you look and feel in as little as a few weeks to one month! Learn the ins and outs of strength training and how your local Denver wellness center can help.

Key Benefits of Strength Training

When you incorporate strength training into your exercise routine, you will be working to tone your muscles. Even better, it will help you keep lean muscle mass—which is crucial as you age. This will lower your chance of having bone issues such as osteoporosis as you get older. In addition to lean muscle mass retention, strength training will strengthen your heart, reducing your risk of heart disease and will also help to keep your blood pressure at a normal rate. For some, strength training is a great way to maintain a healthy immune system.

Strength training is also a great way to enhance your joints. It will help enhance movements using your joints, further advancing flexibility. Advancing your flexibility is essential to your health. Not only will you have a better range of motion, but you will reduce your risk for injuries in the future, as well.

Last, studies have shown that strength training can make you a happier person! It has become a way for many people to reduce stress and combat anxiety and depression.  

Types of Strength Training

Many people believe the misconception that strength training is solely for bulking up. Not true! There are different types of strength training to help you achieve various goals. The different types of strength training include:
  • Increase strength and abilities: You can become stronger and hold yourself in positions longer through “isometric” training. During isometric training, you will take a weight and hold it in the same position for as long as you can.
  • Build endurance: Are you looking to be able to push yourself and maintain strength for long durations? You will participate in high-volume training. This type of strength training consists of working a single muscle group on a weekly basis. Start at a weight you can handle, then slowly continue to increase it throughout the week to push yourself.
  • Bulk-up: Bulking up is possible through strength training. In order to accomplish this goal, you will focus on one muscle area each week, every time you train.
  • Maximum strength: One of the key ways to become the strongest you can be is through powerlifting. This is where you will set your weights on the highest setting safely possible for you, then complete just a couple of reps before moving on to the next muscle area.
  • Burn fat and lose weight: If you are on a weight loss plan, you need to incorporate strength training in with your cardio. You will accomplish this through circuit training. As you get started, you will lift weights on a lower setting for several reps, very quickly.

Different Methods of Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, you can train in the gym with equipment, or in the comfort of your home, using just your own body strength. There are no excuses, anyone with any budget or time restraints has time to add in strength training a few times per week.
  • Resistance training: When using weights or movements that move your body away in the opposite direction of gravity, you are using resistance training. It can be accomplished by using kettlebells, dumbbells, weights or resistance bands. It is the perfect way to increase strength and become leaner. You can work with a local physical therapist to perfect your resistance training and accomplish your goals.
  • Weight machines: Whether you go to the gym or purchase your own, machines are a great way to customize your strength training. They also help put you in the proper position, so you are handling each motion with ideal form. These are especially helpful because they enable you to easily change weight amounts for the type of goal you are working to accomplish.
  • Free weights: You can use free weights, such as kettlebells, barbells or dumbbells at home or in the gym to perform your strength training routine. Free weights will help you increase strength and flexibility, so you may even notice day-to-day tasks being easier to accomplish. Plus, you can purchase a few of these items and do your exercises in the comfort of your home in just 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Your own weight: Are you looking for an inexpensive way to strength train? Or are looking to perfect your own form and work on your own? You can use your own bodyweight for strength training. There are so many bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere at any time. Explore the 20 best bodyweight exercises for ideas to take your routine to the next level.

Redcord Basics

Are you looking to take your suspension or strength training to the next level? Consider Redcord. Redcord strength training will help you become a smarter athlete. Through using a series of bands and your own weight for resistance, you will focus on perfecting movements. It is not a race but using strength and will work several different muscle groups at once. It also helps you accomplish more in less time.

Incorporate Redcord in your strength training routine at your local Cherry Creek Wellness Center. Our team of physical therapists can help you achieve your goals, whether you are looking to become stronger, leaner, or recover from an injury. Our Activcore program of Redcord training will help control any pain management needs you have in one-on-one sessions with a physical therapist. We have five locations in the Denver area, be sure to find the one nearest you can contact Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Denver today to schedule your first appointment.