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Joint Replacement Recovery and Circuit Exercise Based Programs

     We see a lot of post-operative joint replacement patients at Cherry Creek Wellness Center physical therapy in Lone Tree, especially clients with new knees and hips.  While most patients recover very well from these procedures, there can still be range of motion and strength deficits up to 2 years after surgery!  Those limitations can lead to restrictions in occupational and recreational activities, and an overall diminished quality of life compared to expectations prior to getting a new joint.
     The physical therapists at our Lone Tree clinic have developed a research-based, safe and effective conditioning program to help optimize strength and range of motion losses after joint replacement surgery and initial physical therapy has been completed.  This 12 week, circuit exercise-based program can be started months to years after the original joint replacement, and is offered in both individual and group settings.
     If you or your doctor have noticed limitations in and around your new joint, or you are not able to participate in activities as expected, give our Lone Tree clinic a call and find out more about this innovative program!