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Highlight on Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at Cherry Creek Wellness Center frequently treat urinary urgency and incontinence caused by muscular issues such as fascial restrictions as well as increased muscle resistance during a state of rest, also referred to as muscle tone. Our Denver pelvic floor physical therapists employ many techniques during a physical therapy session to re-education muscle groups and achieve myofascial release through stretching and elongating procedures.

Pelvic floor physical therapy involves an assessment of an individual’s muscle function and strength, along with factors such as posture and pelvic position to help better understand and develop a physical therapy regimen to address urinary problems. Our physical therapists can even provide patients with home-based exercise programs to expedite the process of returning the muscle groups to normal function.

We employ specially trained pelvic floor physical therapists at our Denver, Wheat Ridge, Stapleton and Lone Tree locations. Call Cherry Creek Wellness Center to schedule an appointment to address your urinary urgency or incontinence issues with one of our Denver physical therapists.