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Spring Cleaning for Your Body

As the weather shifts and we enter sunny springtime, our to-do list increases as we take on the necessary preparatory work for spring. From going through the winter’s supplies and tidying inside the house to the external things like prepping your garden and cleaning up the leftover debris and dead plant life - it can prove quite strenuous on your body if you don’t take the proper measures to get yourself ready. A few simple things to remember from your Denver physical therapist can save you a lot of aches and pains.
  • Stretch: Even though it seems like they are ordinary tasks, yard work and home cleaning can actually be real workouts. Do the same prep you would for a workout - stretch and warm up your muscles to keep from pulling or straining something. Walk around a bit before beginning and rotate your torso and arms as well. 
  • Use Your Legs: Lifting heavy trash bags or heavy potted plants can create major strain and possible injury to your back if you don’t rely on your legs to do the lifting. Get under the item you move, keep your back as straight as possible, and push up from your legs.
  • Don’t Push Too Far: You and your physical therapist in Denver know your body’s capabilities and state of physical fitness. Don’t push further than your body is able. Take your time building your strength and develop an exercise regiment to maintain as you become stronger. 
Cherry Creek Wellness Center in Wheat Ridge can help you develop a plan for physical fitness or therapy and help you succeed your goals this spring.