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Get Ready for Spring Sports the Smart Way

Involving yourself in spring sports such as tennis or golf is great for your mind, body, and overall health. Although it is important to keep active and take advantage of these sunny days, be mindful of over-exertion and injuries. Golf and tennis players often sustain injuries, mainly tennis or golf elbow. Both ailments have remedies available through your Denver physical therapist.
If you start to experience slight pains and what feels like pins and needles in the area surrounding your elbow, you may need to schedule an appointment with your physical therapy center in Denver. Typically, the pain will increase as your muscles become inflamed and simple tasks like washing dishes or making the bed will begin to feel difficult and painful.
By creating a treatment plan specific to your needs, your physical therapist might suggest anti-inflammatory medicine, treat with massage, or possibly brace your arm if necessary. Exercise is integral to treatment however, and your therapist will provide you with the proper methods of stretching to bring strength back to your injured muscles. Heed their advice, and the road to recovery from your tennis or golf elbow will prove short and effective.